Saturday  July 20

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Position Statements

Throughout history mankind has created many different religions. Rather than bringing people together, religion has more often divided people and the result has been endless wars throughout history right up to this present day. People learned to fear and hate anyone with religious beliefs different from their own. Today we have Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and many other religions and we're still battling with one another. There is only one God and it's about time for all mankind to learn who that God is. There is only one religion on this earth that can look to a Savior who can promise eternal life beyond the grave and that religion remains an open door to all people, no matter what god they presently follow. The terms "Christian" and "Muslim" alone inflame hatred among people all over the world. Two thousand years ago the one true God sent His Son, Jesus, to pay the penalty of sin for all mankind. Jesus willingly paid that price by being sacrificed on a cross until dead. He did this for men and women all over the world because He loved them all equally.

After Jesus died and was buried, He rose from the dead within a few days. This is not only something claimed by the Bible but can be verified by secular historians of that time, i.e. Josephus, and collaborated by over five hundred witnesses. No other religious leader has ever risen from the grave and we can therefore know for certain that only the one true God has the power to raise you and me from the grave and give us entrance into Heaven. That one true God has revealed Himself through the Holy Scripture of the Bible. This is the source of truth from the God who has power over death and the key to everlasting life. Who do you feel most comfortable entrusting your eternity to? A God who has power over death and whose Son proved it by rising from the grave and is alive and ruling today with His Father in Heaven, or do you feel more confident trusting your eternity to a religious figure who is still in the grave?

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