Saturday  July 20

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Our Founding Principles

  • Village Church is founded on the belief that there are many people who have a desire to understand the Bible but don't know where to go to get that kind of instruction.
  • Village Church provides what is known as expository Bible study as the main focus of its service. Expository Bible teaching involves a verse by verse explanation of what the Bible is telling us.
  • However, we also believe that people should learn how to use the Bible so that they themselves develop the ability to determine what the Bible is saying. In this manner you individually will be able to open your Bible and determine the truth of what someone is saying about God.
  • Much of the teaching in churches today reflects the opinions of men and women and not the true Word of God. It is important to be able to separate truth from opinion.
  • You will be allowed an opportunity to have your questions answered either during or after the service. No question will be considered a foolish question and all questions will be answered.
  • What about the issues of life that face you every day? We will present the Bible's position, not our personal opinions, on such subjects as sex, abortion, homosexuality, parenting, relationships, roles of men and women in the church, finances, and any other special topics which you might be interested in.
  • If you so desire, the church will help you become part of a group that studies and socializes together.
  • Any funds collected by Village Church will first go to cover its expenses (facilities rental, printing, etc.) and then the balance will be given to those in need in the Wheaton area.
  • Village Church believes the church is called to care for the poor and needy among them, and to serve others before themselves.

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